Mentorship Program

The UD Mentorship Program is a partnership between the Office of Personal Career Development and Alumni Relations to connect alumni mentors with current student mentees. After potential mentors and mentees have filled out the mentoring application, the Office of Personal Career Development will pair them up and provide them with each other’s contact information. We encourage both mentors and mentees to select multiple mentoring opportunities to guarantee a match.


Mentoring Opportunities

The UD Mentorship Program’s opportunities require a range of time commitments.

Career Exploration — This opportunity is for students who have not decided what career path they would like to pursue. The mentor will meet with the student throughout the school year to discuss possible career options for the student using their Focus 2 results.

Small Group Leader — Academic Success and the First-Gen Initiative are looking for alumni to meet with small groups of students to discuss general career advice, general advice about UD, and/or advice about life after a UD education. The mentor will meet with their small group once or twice during the school year. 

Resume/LinkedIn Reviews — This opportunity is for students who need their resume or LinkedIn profile reviewed. Mentors will meet with their student once or twice to provide recommendations on improving their resume or LinkedIn profile to attract more interest from potential employers.

Interview Preparation — This opportunity is for students looking to practice their interviewing skills. This mentor would be someone in a position to hire young professionals so that they can offer the best sample questions and advice to the student. This mentor and mentee will meet two or three times.

Assistance in Applying to a Particular Company — This opportunity is for students looking to apply to one particular company. Mentors must have an open position at their company that would be a good fit for a UD student/new graduate and be willing to hire their potential mentee. Mentors and students will only be matched if they both select the same company, so this opportunity does not guarantee a match.  

Graduate School Preparation — This opportunity is for students who are seeking assistance in graduate school exploration, applications and/or interviews. The mentor will continue to meet with their student until all necessary steps for their mentee’s graduate school applications are completed. 

Physician or Health Care Professional Shadowing — This opportunity is for students seeking a career in health care and for mentors currently in the field of health care. The mentor must have a shadowing opportunity and be willing to ensure their mentee secures a shadowing position.  

Mentor/Mentee Covenant

The Mentor agrees to the following:

  • Once you are assigned a mentee, review student answers to the Mentee Survey to determine the type of mentorship the student is requesting (i.e., career exploration, resume review, shadowing, etc.).

  • Reach out to the student to set a mutually agreed upon day/time and format for an introductory meeting.

  • Adhere to all prescheduled appointments.

  • Assist mentee in professional development based on the parameters outlined in the mentee’s survey.

  • Provide insights and personal experiences on professional matters.

  • Notify the director of Alumni Relations or OPCD of any questions or concerns, especially regarding any changes to your ability to perform as a mentor so that we may select another mentor for that student.

  • For job shadowing, provide mentee with all applicable requirements for the designated facility/organization where the shadowing will take place. 

The Mentee agrees to the following:

  • Respond promptly to email or phone communication (especially to schedule a meeting).

  • Adhere to all prescheduled appointments, notifying your mentor if you are unable to attend a meeting and must reschedule.

  • Come to each meeting prepared. Write down the issues you would like to discuss and the questions you would like to ask. 

  • Notify the director of Alumni Relations or OPCD of any questions or concerns, especially regarding any changes to your ability to participate as a mentee so that your mentor can be assigned to another student.

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The University of Dallas Mentorship Program is not meant to take the place of professional counseling, spiritual direction or any other relationship for which a licensed provider is required. If either the mentor or mentee discerns that additional guidance is needed outside of the mentor relationship, they are advised to seek that guidance. There is the highest expectation of confidentiality in mentorship relationships; however, when there is a question of harm or danger to oneself or another, proper authorities must be notified. Additionally, if either party discerns that the relationship is detrimental to the spiritual or professional life of the mentor or mentee, they should contact the Office of Personal Career Development to be reassigned and/or to withdraw from the program.


Alyssa Coe
Alumni Relations Officer
(972) 721-4046

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